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A: MockingBird package is a premium copy trade service. Exact trades that are executed on our master trader personal account will be shared to subscriber of this premium package.

A: As this is a premium service, this service is specially catered for knowledgeable traders of options that do understand the risk involved, bigger account size and can withstand market fluctuations and traders that are looking for higher returns by simply copying our Master Trader’s trades.

A: Trade details will be sent out using SMS service and it will also be updated in our Wize Screener MockingBird page. In future, we will also be sending it out using email.

A: Most of the trades will be on stock options, ETF options, index options and futures options. Futures options will be mainly focused on index futures options and oil futures options.

A: Stock option trades will be anytime between 9.30pm to 11.30pm from Monday to Friday. Futures options is a 24 hours market but most of the trades will only be done between 9.30pm to 11.30pm as well. At times, there can be also trade alerts for futures options during the day and these trades are fully do-able using TD mobile platform.

A: You need to activate futures account in your current TD Ameritrade trading account. Login to www.tdameritrade.com.sg and check under Account Forms. There will Futures Customer Agreement and Futures Addendum. Additionally, you also need to submit futures signature card and MAS form 13. Alternatively, you may write to 'accounts@tdameritradeasia.com' and there will be able to guide you on the necessary steps to get your futures account activated. It can be done within 2-4 working days.

A: Minimum requirement to trade 1 futures options contract is around USD4900 but to be on the safe side, we strongly recommend to allocate USD8000 for each futures options contract as this will give us a good buffer even when the trade goes against us.

A: No. There won’t be any discussions or analysis as this is a purely copy trade service only. Any general questions (E.g.: about futures account, margin needed) are always welcomed

A: Yes, its inclusive of repair actions and mockingbird subscribers will be alerted using mediums mentioned in question no 2.

A: Yes. Equity options and futures options trading involves substantial risk and is not suitable for all investors. We cannot and will not guarantee that you will not lose money or that you will make money from the information found on this website and / or affiliated products services. Please do your own due diligence or consult your own financial advisors before taking any action on any trades mentioned in this mockingbird service.

A: You may contact our Sales Manager at Wealth Wizard Support . We will be glad to address your questions